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Aiken's First Baptist Church is a community of God's children who are living abundantly in God's light and love. We covenant together to live our lives praising God's goodness, strengthening one another toward our fullest potential as God's people, bearing witness everywhere to the redemptive power of Jesus Christ, and demonstrating to our community and our world the compassion of God toward every human need.
We are a church with a significant, progressive heritage and a promising, challenging future. Our vision is to be a unique body of free and faithful believers living under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to carry out Jesus' great command in an inclusive environment by glorifying God through worship; to nurture our members in Christian faith, fellowship, and service; to minister to spiritual and physical need in the church and community; and to witness effectively to God's saving love for all people.
First Baptist Church is composed of people who love one another and the Lord who calls us together to continue the spirit of his life. This is a forward-looking congregation, eagerly embracing the challenging responsibilities which lie at hand all around us. This church is a giving, generous, and demanding church, expecting the full and wholehearted support of each of her members. As we share our lives together, engaging in worship, Bible study, fellowship, and ministry, we will more fully become God's people committed to doing God's work.